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           from A Cracker at The Ritz
I Don't Get Bown Anymore
          from A Cracker At The Ritz
I Got The Lovin'-it-in-Naples-but-remind-me-why-I-stay-here Blues
          from Trouble in Paradise
A Ton-And-A-Half Of Cadillac Steel
          from Assisted Living: The Musical!
Tattoo On My Butt
          from Assisted Living: The Musical(R)
May I Stay With You
          from Black, Letter, Daye
Our Sweet Euro-Cracker Home
          from Much Ado About Naples
Help! I've Fallen For You and I Can't Get Up!
          from Assisted Living: The Musical (r)
Two Gentlemen Of VeronaWalk (The Schtetl Song)
          from Much Ado About Naples
The Ballad of The Tennessee Walker
          from Assisted Living: The Musical!(R)
I Don't Want No Goose For Christmas, Gran'ma!
          from Grandma's Christmas Goose!
Donde Esta Espanol?
          from Satirically Yours
The Organ Donor Song
          from Satirically Yours
The Condo Blues
          from Satirically Yours
The Viagra Medley
          from Assisted Living: The Musical! (R)
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