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In September---

Sept  17 - Vincennes, IN  - The Red Skelton Performing Arts Center Theatre
20 Red Skelton Road
                                             Vincennes, IN 47591
                            For tickets and info - Call 812-888-4184

Sept 20 - Eatonton,GA - The Plaza Arts Center
                                         305 N. Madison Avenue
                                           Eatonton, GA 31024
                                     For tickets and info - Call 706-923-1655

     In October---

October 4 - Bartlett, TN - Bartlett Performing Arts and Conference Center - Two Shows!
                                                                   3663 Appling Road
                                                                   Bartlett, TN  38133
                                    For Tickets and info - Call 901-385-6440

This ain't your Grandma's assisted living! It's Pelican Roost, an active retirement community of characters such as the much-persued, oft-captured Naomi Lipshitz-Yamamoto-Murphy.

Naomi explains Pelican Roost this way: "It's a lot like a cruise" she rasps, "except the final destination is
not The Bahamas."

She's friends with the dozen-and-a-half residents played by the two actors. You'll be flimflammed by a retired TV lawyer; you'll meet Ben Younger, a former Catskills comic who experiments with yoga; you'll learn about senior Internet dating in WalkerDude@Facebook.com.
Songs include:

         Help! I've Fallen (for you) And I Can't Get Up!
         The Uplifting Viagra Medley
         Vernon's Burnin' Passion
         I Got The Lost-My-Dentures-On-Steak-Night Blues
         My Hide
                  …and many more!

Assisted Living: The Musical® has earned standing ovations from California to New York, from Philadelphia to Miami. The San Francisco Examiner says it's "Wickedly funny." The Naples Daily News calls it "Hilarious."

Regardless of your age, you'll love it too.

Oh! You should order your tickets now…before your short-term memory goes.